Make a Difference in ISRAEL

National Service for Observant Young Women

In order to understand who we are as a nation, and to actualize our role in the world, we first have to understand the special relationship between the chosen people and the chosen land [Harav Abraham Yitzhak Ha-Cohen Kook]

If you are an observant religious young woman between the ages of 18-23 who wishes to make a difference in Israel we have special offers just for you!

BAT AMI - A National Service (Sherut Leumi) organization is calling you to join the thousands of Sherut Leumi girls in Israel

Spend a meaningful year volunteering in Jerusalem – Live with other exceptional young women in an apartment in Jerusalem, explore your Jewish heritage, Travel and hike throughout Israel, volunteer in various fields: work with children, senior citizens, hospitals, special education, etc

We have An English speaking counselor that accompanies the group throughout the year and offers critical support, guidance and assistance

!In addition, BAT AMI has several other programs for Sherut Leumi in different areas of the country, from the Kibbutzim in the north to the Negev in the south – Just tell us where you want to be

Last but not least, Guaranteed fun!...lots of it

:So… let's review

Program begins: September 1st

Program duration: 12 months

Ages: 18-23

Location: All over Israel

:For more details please contact

Asnat 052-8990443 -


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